Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide high quality janitorial services to commercial, industrial, and institutional customers. We are committed to being the janitorial experts of choice. We believe in establishing a partnership with clients in order to best customize our service to meet their needs. It is through this partnership that our customers will find value and as a result, our reputation will be second to none. Above all else, customer satisfaction is our ultimate goal.


Our Philosophy

  • To promote and practice professional conduct and work ethics at all times.
  • To provide exceptional quality service, second to none.
  • To work co-operatively with our staff and clients as a team.
  • To support our staff and clients to achieve a common goal.
  • To always maintain integrity, fairness and honesty - the cornerstones on which Metropolitan Maintenance was founded.
  • To be able to adjust to meet the changing needs of our customers and marketplace.
  • To stay well informed of new techniques and new products.
  • To be an environmentally responsible company.
  • To have fun at work and keep a sense of humour.